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By Barbara Amond 
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 Dear Friends,

"When I feel the spirit moving in my heart I will pray." The hymn just kept running through my mind over and over. That is how the topic prayer was chosen for me. As soon as I put a few words on paper, the music stopped playing. Or said another way, God knew I had finally gotten the message.


The Bible tells us to "pray without ceasing". Taken literally, it would mean that nothing else would be accomplished. Loren Terrell always began his prayers at the communion table by saying: "Let us be in an attitude of prayer." To me, that is what the Bible passage really means. We should always be open for a moment to pray, always be ready to listen when God speaks to us. Life should not be so busy that we can't stop for a second and give thanks for a pretty flower, a beautiful sunset or the innocent face of a child. In fact, that may be God's way of communicating with us.


In Aruba there are thousands of prayer rocks. People, including me, build a pile of rocks representing people or things in their lives. After the rocks are arranged, they are prayed over. The spirit has led many people to act on their prayers. We can pray anytime, anywhere. So pay attention to the spirit and let it move you.



Shalom, Barbara


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